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The things I will invent, I suspect,...

...will be mundane by comparison to reality.

MB Fiction
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This is the MB Fiction community for Micki Bailey's NSYNC slash fiction (JC/Lance, Justin/JC, and Lance/Jesse). The official Web site I used to maintain is just a memory now (since it was costing me a lot to keep it up and I was hardly ever updating it any longer). So this is ground zero now for the stories to be available for reading on the 'Nets.

Community Guidelines

1) The purpose of this little gathering in the colorful world of LJ is for posting my NSYNC fiction. Off-topic subject matter should be taken to personal journals. Thank you.

2) Be aware/warned that this is an adult community. The fiction and the conversation around here will be adult-oriented -- sometimes (especially with the fiction) not for the faint of heart.

3) Let's just have fun. What better thing in all the world can you have?