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This Dance We Do (Epilogue)

Okay, this is a long one, folkses. Probably the longest chapter of the series. But I have faith in you. You can take it, sitting down. Ha.

Enjoy. :)

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This Dance We Do (85)

At last! An update! The end-of-the-year one! The one I've been promising! Finally. Woo hoo! Whew.

So here's the deal. I have lotsandlotsandlots of it prepared to post today. Which I will soon do. There is, however, one small section/scene that is not finished yet (started but not complete), but since it doesn't involve JC and Justin nor does it influence the plot in any way whatsoever, I am going to omit it for now and give you everything else. After I've finished it (later this weekend), I will gladly post it and let you know where in this series of chapters it was/is to go.

Again, it won't hurt anything at all at this point for it to be temporarily missing. I simply didn't want to hold the rest of this stuff up another day or two just because that part wasn't ready to go. 'Kay?

Anyway. Here you go with the lotsandlotsandlots. It may help to go back and read Chapters 83 and 84 again (or at least skim over them) to get your bearings on what's been going down. FYI: this chapter begins when we're still at the Bassenbaum wedding reception. ;)

As always, thank you so much for reading. I do honestly appreciate it. :)

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Seasons Greetings & TDWD :)

(cross-posted to nsyncscribe)

I’m just bee-bopping in briefly to 4-1-1 those who care about the next update to TDWD. ‘Kay? Hee :)

Since there are several pertinent, flurrious, and time-intensive situations going on around us all right about now -- such as the fact that the Christmas holiday is, like, within a few eyelashes of being on us and tons of folks are busy getting ready for that, traveling and stuff for that, or just offline in general because of that or because of other reasons, etc. -- AND such as the fact that I still have a bit of shopping and whatnot to do myself to finish preparing for the festivities -- AND such as the fact that the SeSa Challenge stories will be unveiled around the world this weekend for all to revel in and enjoy -- I’ve decided to wait until the middle of next week to post further chapters of TDWD. I know it's a bit of a long haul between updates, but this is the best choice, I think. It'll work out. Trust me. Ha.

The muses have been galactically generous to me this season, and I’ve gotten so much accomplished with the series that is all ready to share. But by taking a breather and waiting ‘til everything settles down a bit, I will have ample time to finish even more for you, and you will have ample time then, perhaps, to get through it all. Okay?

So enjoy your holidays this weekend, everyone, and expect to hear from me again in about a week with ridiculous amountages of fiction. Have a safe, delightful, holly-jolly one and Happy Ho-Ho-HO!

This Dance We Do (84)

Okay. Final one for the day. And I swear it won't be so long next time between updates. With Santa as my witness. Ha. Now, I must go and do some addressing of some cards.....and about a thousand other things. lol

Enjoy. :)

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This Dance We Do (83)

Damn, it's cold outside! 34 degrees and totally thick gray, with something between rain and sleet coming out of the sky. Ick. Frightful.

*puts on extra pair of socks and goes off to write some sparkly porn...*


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This Dance We Do (82)

I'm sorry about the long wait for this update. 'Tis the season for lots of stuff there's so little time to do. You all know how it is. But, again, I apologize for the delay. I had expected to have more ready for you to read before now.

So I'll give you three today. My humble offering of atonement. Haha.

I hope your happy-holiday-ness is going well. Here's the first of the trio. Enjoy. :)

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This Dance We Do (81)

Sorry this is only one chapter, folks. Honestly, with the slump and distractions, etc., I've had to struggle with lately, this one chapter is really productive for me at the moment. Ha.

I'm hoping that by posting it tonight, the very act itself will jump-start my creative gears to keep me working on the rest of it most of the weekend. Hoping, hoping..... *fingers and toes and everything else crossed*

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy. :)

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Ficlet: Unshakable

All right. I have played with this thing until I can't play with it anymore. I'm forcing myself to be satisfied with it as is.

It's JC/Justin. Inspired by the media we drooled over when Justin was honored by the Memphis Recording Academy on 10/22 and JC being there with him. (If you somehow managed to miss that, you can read the news blurb about it here.)

I'm hesitant to call it a "short story" because it's not, really. We all know the "story" of what happened. This is just a fictional series of scenarios surrounding the events. They're sort of fragmented in style and given to you in a non-linear order. But I think you can decipher it all. :)

Hope you like. Whew. :)

ETA: I "made" a little graphic for this when I put it on the Web site, and if you're so inclined, you can check it out here. That's all. :)


This Dance We Do (80)


Wow. Damn. Serial soap opera much? lol

I wanted to say again how much I appreciate everyone's feedback/comments. It does my heart good to see that you're enjoying it. And I really am grateful when you say so. Thank you. Really. :)

I hope you like this one. I'll get more posted soon. More of something. Ha. :)

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This Dance We Do (79)

Low and behold. More updates. Whew. Amazing. Happily timed with the recent appearance together the boys so kindly blessed us with. Muy, muy inspirational. Teehee.

Anyway, there be two for this evening. And then I'll have to get busy writing some more. :)

Hope you enjoy. :)

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