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Chello & Happy Father's Day!

Umm, yes. Like I said over in my personal journal when I finally updated it again today, my main reason for breaking the silence now is that I suck and never did any proper and official announcing back in December when I made the tough decision to take down my Web site. And I'm getting more and more (direct and indirect) inquiries about it. So fessing up is in order. And decent.

Here's the deal: I decided not to renew the domain name and hosting service because it was just a lot of money for a site I wasn't updating any longer. I had/have so much other crap going on (like I know we all do), and I couldn't focus so much on the writing anymore. My apologies for not putting the word out about that.

However, for those still looking for the stories, all is not lost. Most of them here in this swinging little community. Haha. AND the Wayback Machine is an amazing piece of Internet genius, for those of you who did not already know. What's left of the site is @: MB Fiction: The Ghost of Its Former Self.

My plan is to stir up the ashes around here and post some old stories I realized today had never been posted in these fine pages. And I might come up with something new (that's right; don't keel over) to post IF the muses will bless me again after such a long hiatus away from the creative scene. Might. Might. Might. We'll see. But I'm hoping to get back to writing. I want to. I'm ready.

Many thanks to you lovelies who nudged and emailed me to try and get me off my ass. I've been lurking and semi-keeping-up with the fandom. I'm still in the process of updating my "interests" in the profile info and stocking up on new user pics to reflect the other fandoms I've gotten myself interested in lately. More on that stuffs later. I also want to figure out how to archive/organize the stories so they'll be much easier to locate -- since this place will be the ground zero now for them being posted on the 'Nets.

Oh, and it seems that ATOTR chapters 1 - 83 are not posted here since they were written way before this community got started up. So if you have some feedback on whether I should go back and add them or not, feel free to let me know. I'd appreciate it bunches.

It's good to be at this again! And if you're still around, then thanks! I'm glad you're still here!

Hope everyone's having a wunnerful Father's Day! *Muah*


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Jun. 16th, 2008 12:43 pm (UTC)
And none of the links for This Dance We Do are on the old ghost site *sniff*

Sorry, I'm just lazy to look through the community. Do you think you could memory them so it's easy to find? Pretty please with sugar?
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