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"ATOTR" Part 108

Fifth and last one for today, folks! I hope you've enjoyed the effort. And thank you kindly for reading. :)


"ATOTR" Part 107

And yet I'm still not done. I've been busy, see? lol


"ATOTR" Part 106

"ATOTR" Part 105

"ATOTR" Part 104

Okay! It's Tuesday, isn't it! Time for that long-overdue update, right? Well, let's get this shit-kicker started kicking, shall we? Since I promised it to you and all.

There's a lot to dish out this afternoon. They jump around a little bit in tense and timeframe. But I'm sure you can figure that out. I hope you prepared yourselves after such a long hiatus. lol.

I also wanted to thank you, as readers, one more time for being patient with me and waiting so long for this to be updated again. Many thanks to each one of you who've bugged me (haha) for more of it and let me know you missed it and hadn't forgotten it. You know who you are. For you, I promise that I won't wait another 18 months to update it again. *muah*

First of five long ones today. Please enjoy.....


Just FYIing You on a Lovely TGIF

Hola, everyone! Happy Friday!

More dust collecting around this place, I see. Time for me to get busy with some Spring cleaning, eh?

Well, I just wanted to poke my head in for a moment to let you know that I have finished up with all but the final stages of the new chapters of "ATOTR" and will be posting them on either Monday or Tuesday of next week. This is not an idle promise. I have them in my hands, and soon you will too. Seriously. Haha.

So this is ample warning and a strong suggestion that you go back and refresh/reacquaint yourselves with the previous few chapters so that you'll know where the storyline was when I last left off (about a year and a half ago.....wtf?). You can do that at the main TOC page for the series on the Web site.

I've also put up the schedule of *NSYNC's Celebrity Tour 2002 for you to follow since that is what the characters were about to embark on in their lovely little history. You know. Since it was soooooo long ago. hee


Thank you for being so patient with me while I took a (long-ass) break from this one to write other things. And I am very grateful for those of you who've written me to ask when the hell it was going to be updated again. If you've been waitingandwaitingandwaiting, you won't have to much longer. :)

An Update! Woo hoo! "The Shiny Silver Box"

Time to shoo off the dust bunnies and cob webs up in here, right? Finally. Wow, it's been a while. :)

I'm breaking my months-long, self-imposed hiatus to bring you an offering I created for JuC Day, which is today! Check out all the good stuff over in the juc_day community. Plenty of variety for everyone's tastes.

Yes, I know I said I would be posting the last bonus scene of "TDWD" and some new installments of "ATOTR." Well, I am working on both and will get those out next. In fact, I already have an extra-lengthy chapter of "ATOTR" completely written and will begin typing it up shortly. I swear.

Meanwhile, here's something else that's extra-lengthy. I posted it in my personal LJ earlier, so no need to repost the whole thing here. I'll give you the link. Okay?

I hope you enjoy it. And trust me -- the hiatus is over. I am back and ready to work again now. Ha. :)

Happy JuC Day, all!


This Dance We Do (Bonus Scene 2)

This was actually written as Bonus Scene 3. The second one, see, was to go here. And will go here when it is completed later this weekend and posted on the Web site. 'Kay?

Again, set a little bit in the future for the boys. :)

THIS DANCE WE DO (Bonus Scene 2 from the Author's Cut)Collapse )

This Dance We Do (Bonus Scene 1)

This scenario is from slightly in the future for the boys. But you'll figure that out. Ha.

THIS DANCE WE DO (Bonus Scene 1 from the Author's Cut)Collapse )